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Cross country

347d22_3c0e8bea8ce8410cbde9d8b400b14ffb                      This is a post all about cross country.

                       What is cross country?

Cross country is a running race where you go run round a field, pavement ect. Its very competitive  you sometimes race to get a prize for being first. Its very tiring and draining so if you do this sport at a tournament or just for fun you have to have allot of stamina to be first. How do I know so much? I have had experience in cross country and went to a tournament at highdown school and managed to run to second place and this year I want to win with first place so I think I have enough of experience and i have been in other team such as athletic team where you do running,football team and we managed to get to the second round etc. So I am very sporty and im also sports captain so come to me if you need any tips so if you like cross country or want to take a interest in say yes in comments or no if not.

By Alicia Taylor

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