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Mystery Skype- Can you guess our places?


Can you guess the places we are describing? Leave your answers in your comments box and you may want to use an atlas to help you. Thanks

Group 1:

It ends with the letter ‘I’.
It’s one of the largest rivers.
Its connected to the gulf of Mexico.
Its in the northern Hemisphere.
Its North of New Orleans.
It also connects to Lake Superior.
It runs through ten states.
Its in North America….Who am I?

Group 2:

Its North of the equator
The country this city is in runs through the tropic of cancer line.
This city is definitely not in North America.
Sudan is one of this countries neighbours.
Its on the bank of a famous river.
There’s 5 letters in this city’s title.
There is a U and an R in the name of this city….Who am I?

Group 3:

We are in the tropical continent.
Our city begins with an ‘R’
We are in South America
We are very close to Bolivia.
We have one of the seven wonders of the world.
One of our country’s borders touches the Atlantic Ocean
Our city is made up of 3 words…Who am I?

Group 4:

This is a country which is a little larger comparing to Sierra Leone.
We are in the Northern Hemisphere.
We have a very rich culture.
The name of this country has 2 ‘A’s in it and 1 ‘H’.
We are in West Africa.
Our neighbouring country starts with a T…Who am I?

Group 5:

We are a city who is sometimes on the news.
We have a river flowing through our country.
We are in the Northern hemisphere.
Our continent start with the letter ‘A’.
Our flag has the colours, red, white, black and with green detail.
The country we are in has four letters.
Its definitely not in Australia.
We are land locked…Who am I?

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