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Tashi and the Medicinal Herb by Princess

“Hush my child! Lets go and get the medicinal herb that your mother needs to get better.But we need to hurry she’s getting worse!” said Sonam. She called a gathering of a group of tea pickers. ” Put down your baskets,stop picking and listen this is urgent, my sister’s life is at risk!” whispered Aunt Sonam urgently,raising her hand eagerly to get attention.”It’s no use just drinking your tea and picking leaves,lets get on with it. We have to collect that medicinal herb or else!” The journey is treacherous and hard and only a brave person that believed in their self could do it. “So then who should go said Sonam. There was silence. A anxious voice at the back of the crowed quietly said “I’ll go, let me go, she is mt mother.” murmured Tashi. “What Tashi, she couldn’t even find a branch on a tree!” Laughter filled the air.

Tashi walked away dejectedly and Sonam followed.The journey has begun! Now, sweltering under the heat of a cruel,punishing sun, Tashi’s and Sonam’s feet were already sore, their back and shoulders were beginning to ache more and more from the heavy baskets they were carrying. Tashi although finding the scorching heat unbearable , took a deep breath and continued up the steep, slippery mountain. She was completely running out of time; her mothers life was already slipping away of the edge! As Tashi took a breath, she said ” oh Sonam i’m very thankful that you came with me, with out you who knows what would’ve happened.”

” I will always be there when you desperately need help” Sonam replied softly.Here take a drink,i can tell you are thirsty. We’re doing this for your mother her life depends on it.” The courageous pair climbed mountains, crossed villages and crossed rivers upon rivers until Tashi broke down and collapsed! She looked into the distance and felt dis-pair…



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Mystery Skype- Can you guess our places?


Can you guess the places we are describing? Leave your answers in your comments box and you may want to use an atlas to help you. Thanks

Group 1:

It ends with the letter ‘I’.
It’s one of the largest rivers.
Its connected to the gulf of Mexico.
Its in the northern Hemisphere.
Its North of New Orleans.
It also connects to Lake Superior.
It runs through ten states.
Its in North America….Who am I?

Group 2:

Its North of the equator
The country this city is in runs through the tropic of cancer line.
This city is definitely not in North America.
Sudan is one of this countries neighbours.
Its on the bank of a famous river.
There’s 5 letters in this city’s title.
There is a U and an R in the name of this city….Who am I?

Group 3:

We are in the tropical continent.
Our city begins with an ‘R’
We are in South America
We are very close to Bolivia.
We have one of the seven wonders of the world.
One of our country’s borders touches the Atlantic Ocean
Our city is made up of 3 words…Who am I?

Group 4:

This is a country which is a little larger comparing to Sierra Leone.
We are in the Northern Hemisphere.
We have a very rich culture.
The name of this country has 2 ‘A’s in it and 1 ‘H’.
We are in West Africa.
Our neighbouring country starts with a T…Who am I?

Group 5:

We are a city who is sometimes on the news.
We have a river flowing through our country.
We are in the Northern hemisphere.
Our continent start with the letter ‘A’.
Our flag has the colours, red, white, black and with green detail.
The country we are in has four letters.
Its definitely not in Australia.
We are land locked…Who am I?

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Our History: Prospectus for The House of Wisdom

As part of our history topic, we have been focusing on the Ancient Islamic World with special focus on Bhagdad. Here, we learnt about the House of Wisdom and why it was so famous many years ago. We were given a task of creating an advertising video to show how much we’ve understood about the importance of the place. See what you think, remember to leave your comments. Enjoy…

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Numeracy – difficult fraction challenges for parents

We have been working hard solving missing numbers in fractions, in fact we think we can solve fraction problem better than our parents. Why don’t you try to see if you can solve any of the questions we’ve been doing in class. All the work is the children own. Just click on this link and all the posts will open up.

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General Knowledge Quiz 2


Here another Quiz to test your brains.

  1. What does your diet require the most? Fibre, Fruit or Dairy?
  2. What was Cerberus?
  3. What is at the centre of the Canadian flag?
  4. Indiana Jones’ real name is Henry Jones’ Jnr. So who was Indiana?
  5. What two colours are blood cells?
  6. In what sport do you like ‘birdies’ and hate ‘bogeys’?
  7. How many labours did Hercules have to face?
  8. How many teams are there in the NBA (National Basketball Association)
  9. What was the highest grossing movie of 2010?
  10. Mobile phone manufacturer Nokia originated from which country?


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General Knowledge Quiz

quizDo you know the answers to this general knowledge quiz I have prepared for you? Prizes for the first 4 people with correct answers.

  1. Which country has the largest population in the world?
  2.  Is Jamaica North or South of the Equator?
  3. Which three colours make up the Norwegian Flag?
  4. What is a bobsled track made of?
  5. What famous tennis tournament takes place every summer in South West London?
  6. Who sold more records, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Madonna?
  7. What animal appears at the start of MGM films since April 1924?
  8. What was the name of the Great White Shark in ‘Findin Nemo’?
  9. How many pieces do you cut a pie into if you bisect it?
  10. How many minutes can the Giant Armadillo hold its breath?


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Michael Morpurgo is making headlines in Kingfisher Class

michaelMany of the children in the class have taken a big interest in Michael Morpurgo books. They are reading them daily every chance they get. They even come to school holding them in their hands in case they get a cheeky 5 minutes to have a quick read. Why do you like these books so much? What makes them exciting? What makes you recommend them to friends because I can see more and more of you choosing to read them. Do they take you long to read? What questions do you have for Michael? Let’s see if we can get him to answer some of your comments.

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