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Hæ , í dag er ég að skrifa í íslenskum þessu tungumáli er upprunnin frá Iceland.
A meirihluta Íslendinga trúa á elves.
There eru engar skógar í Iceland.
There eru nokkrar áhugaverðar staðreyndir og það er endir post.Goodbye mínum .

Hi, today i am writing in icelandic this language is originated from Iceland.
A majority of Icelanders believe in elves.
There are no forests in Iceland.
There are some interesting facts and that is the end of my post.Goodbye.

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Este es un post sobre las lenguas española . España es un destino turístico famoso y conocido sobre todo por los toros y tapas. Solicitud en los comentarios qué idioma que debería hacer la próxima vez y voy a añadir De Información adicional también.

This is a post about Spanish languages.
Spain is a famous holiday destination and mostly known for bullfighting and tapas.
Request in the comments what language i should do next time and i will add extra informatio aswell.

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Kaliyah’s maths problems

What number has 7 tens and 6 fewer units than tens?

How would you write 49 as a Roman numeral?

What is £8.61 rounded to the nearest 10 pence?

 99,709.                                                                                                                                                      -2,871

th (7)Which sign makes the statement true?

24,362 ? 24,462
 Answer time all and there will be harder ones 😀 hurry!!😉

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Scratch Computing

Q.What can you now program the computer to do?

A.I can now program Scratch to do the Cha Cha Slide.


Q.What is the best thing you can do?

A.I can make Scratch do multiple things at the same time.


Q.What’s been hardest?

A.The hardest part was debugging it.


Q.How did you overcome this?

A.I went through every instruction and understood it so I could then change the part that was messing it up.

General Knowledge Quiz

quizDo you know the answers to this general knowledge quiz I have prepared for you? Prizes for the first 4 people with correct answers.

  1. Which country has the largest population in the world?
  2.  Is Jamaica North or South of the Equator?
  3. Which three colours make up the Norwegian Flag?
  4. What is a bobsled track made of?
  5. What famous tennis tournament takes place every summer in South West London?
  6. Who sold more records, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Madonna?
  7. What animal appears at the start of MGM films since April 1924?
  8. What was the name of the Great White Shark in ‘Findin Nemo’?
  9. How many pieces do you cut a pie into if you bisect it?
  10. How many minutes can the Giant Armadillo hold its breath?


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