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Literacy: Heroes v villains, Character descriptions.

In literacy this term  were learning about heroes and villains. We had to do character descriptions  about the hero you chose or the villain you chose. I chose voldemort from the famous movies and books Harry potter. So sit back and enjoy!



The lightning was pounding against the sheltered corridor like a hurricane was attacking the building while an unsavoury exemplar stood still in the distance .The silhouette of this person stood perched at the end of the crooked corridor with a diabolical sneer. The inky black cape was drooling behind the dark mysterious figure stealing the dampened earth from that stood beneath the body. All that was visible was piercing blue tributaries gone in all different directions placed on the Delphic soul’s Head .We have not yet discovered who this individual person was until he/she stepped into the light.

Thuds were heard the lights flickered, the character who we didn’t know was revealed. His name was Voldemort. He was a walking nightmare that will haunt you even if he’s not there making your life a misery like his. There was not much of a face on this human like creature, his nose was pressed into his face so that was all of left of a nose was two protruding nostrils. There was two pin pricked orbs in the middle of his face that’s are the shape of a villain as he was one.

The cracked dry lips that belonged to Voldemort looked like they’ve never seen any sort of liquid in years. When he talks you get access to see his mahogany coloured gums, moulded into his gums was amber stones that grinds when he’s displeased. His walk is a vicious as his talk. When he roams about he doesn’t care were his body is trespassing on.

Suddenly a roar was heard saying “speed up you idiot, crawl on the floor for all I care…JUST GET HERE BY MY SIDE.” We all knew who that voice belonged to. The owner of that roar was Voldemort’s voice speaking to a dainty innocent goblin scurrying across the floor. “Yes lord Voldemort I’m here” the goblin shrieked. BANG! Voldemort voice c
ackled down the polluted corridor saying  “ Ahhhh.” with a malicious glare Voldemort plummeted to the ground.

“Expeliarmus” A boy who did not present himself well struck Voldemort with his magic wand. His name was Harry Potter.


By Alicia Taylor

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