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Taking videos to the next level

So far we’ve used videos and photos, transitions, as well as text and narration. You told us what makes good videos!

windows-movie-maker-2012-08-535x535Today we want to make video projects which include:

  • Photos and videos
  • Transitions
  • Text (title, captions, credits)
  • Narration

As well as adding in some new features:

  • Sound
  • Pan and zoom
  • Visual effects

Stock sound

Stock video

There are some downloaded to Pupil Shared > Videos as well as these…


Many vloggers use screen recording software to be able to show what they’re doing in a game, or talking through something they’re looking at on their computer. We’ve got a couple of ways of doing this:

  • CamStudio Lite (new shortcut on your desktop) – there’s an FAQ page here
  • MediaCore Capture (extension within Google Chrome) – there’s a help page here

Making Videos

What does a good video look like?

What can we use to make our own?windows-movie-maker-2012-08-535x535

We’re going to use Windows Movie Maker to make our own. This is free with all Windows computers, so you can get it free at home if you haven’t already got it – remember to check with an adult first.

There’s a useful guide to Getting started with Windows Movie Maker

Some people have also shared tips on how to get some good effects with Movie Maker in various YouTube videos.


Where can we get stock videos from?

There are lots of websites where you can get stock videos from. Some of them you need to pay for, others you need to have an account with, and a few are free and easy! Here are some of the easiest ones I’ve found:

We’ve also saved some videos in Pupil Shared > Videos, which will save you waiting to download lots from the web.

Scratch Programming In Computing

I can now make my Scratch make funny noises and speak.

The best thing I made it do was make it go forward and backwards.

The hardest thing was trying to not make Scratch go upside down when he stepped to the side.I overcome this by going through the different categorises.Finally I found a button which was a glide button.The glide button made Scratch move swiftly to the side.

If you have this program on your device at home answer these questions bellow.and leave your answers in the comment section.

1.what can you now program the computer to do?

2.What is the best thing you made Scratch do?

3.What was hard and how did you overcome it?

Feel free to comment and leave reply’s on other posts to.

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In computing we have been programming scratch. We where using songs e.g cha cha slide (which was the most popular) watch me , Saturday night.

I can now program scratch but I am not confident with it. Cause mine keep’s on erasing.

I think that the recording was the best thing. Cause it was enjoyable.

I think that the most challenging thing is to make the cat do two things at one time.



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Programing Scratch

  1. I can now program the computer to do the instructions from a music video witch was the Cha Cha Slide.
  2. The best thing I can do is to figure out how to make Scratch do something difficult or something that wasn’t on the actual program so I had to change it to make something else look similar to what I wanted to do
  3. The hardest thing to do was because I have 2 people doing the same thing so I had to make sure they didn’t overlap

What was your favourite thing to do on Scratch and why? If you want to tell me then comment below.

Scratch Programming

In ICT, we have been focusing on ‘Programming’! To do programming, we have been using ‘Scratch’!

I can now program the computer to: speak, walk, dance and more. The best thing it can do is probably being able to do a dance, though not as you think. It’s MUCH more complicated than just getting Scratch to do a few little jigs! You have to make it go to x and y and stuff like that. But once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s much more easier! The hardest thing about it is making it glide to x and y because you must get the coordinates right or Scratch will go out of place when it moves. I overcame it by putting the grid settings on and that made it easier because it told me what was x and what was y.

Because of this, I made Scratch do an algorithm dance ‘Cha Cha Slide’.

Programming on scratch

I can now program the computer to make all sorts of sounds. I have also know how to move my character up and down and slide and jump. The best thing I can do is managing to import sounds and characters in my program. The hardest thing was trying to stop your character from turning upside down but i kept on trying and finally did it I really enjoyed programming.

Scratch programming

You can program a chosen sprite to move in all places by using the tool bar which has a variety of motion,looks,sound,pen,control,sensing,operators,variables.

The best thing you can do is choose the people and be creative with the background.

The hardest thing was trying to turn your figure round and I accomplished it by asking my peers.

By Alicia .M. Taylor

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Programming Scratch

  1. I can now program my computer to the dance instructions from the dance ‘Cha Cha Slide.’
  2. The best thing I can do is making the my person say her speech in the right timings and making her clap at the right time.
  3. The hardest thing to do was to get my person to slide to the right place and not to a different place.

I you were to choose one move to program again what would that move be and why would you choose that. Comment below what movement you would do and why!

Scratch Computing

Q.What can you now program the computer to do?

A.I can now program Scratch to do the Cha Cha Slide.


Q.What is the best thing you can do?

A.I can make Scratch do multiple things at the same time.


Q.What’s been hardest?

A.The hardest part was debugging it.


Q.How did you overcome this?

A.I went through every instruction and understood it so I could then change the part that was messing it up.

Brilliant collaborating

I was really impressed with how Alyssa, Waran and Banita chose to work together on today’s algorithm problem. They had a draft set of instructions which they were editing, before making their final version.

What an inspiration on how to work together so maturely – well done!

Mr J.

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