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I am 10 years old.I am in year 5

Book blogging

My favourite book is called afraid of the dark.I love this book because I’m afraid of the dark myself and it makes me less scared of the dark.My besets friend when I was little brought me it before he left to go to another school.His name was Ben and he was def.In the book the is a little bear who is afraid of ┬áthe dark . He goes swimming ,fishing and other activities with his dad in the day time .But in the night daddy bear want baby bear to go outside to see all of the star and to go and meet other bears.But baby bear doesn’t like the dark to cries because he doesn’t want to go . In that the head polar bear appeared and persuaded the little polar bear that the dark is not scary at all it’s fun because the stars are out . Then baby bear goes out side and is no longer afraid of the dark.

Scratch Programming In Computing

I can now make my Scratch make funny noises and speak.

The best thing I made it do was make it go forward and backwards.

The hardest thing was trying to not make Scratch go upside down when he stepped to the side.I overcome this by going through the different categorises.Finally I found a button which was a glide button.The glide button made Scratch move swiftly to the side.

If you have this program on your device at home answer these questions bellow.and leave your answers in the comment section.

1.what can you now program the computer to do?

2.What is the best thing you made Scratch do?

3.What was hard and how did you overcome it?

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