Tashi and the Medicinal Herb/dilemma

As Aunt Sonam picked Tashi from the cold, freezing surface of the mountain, Tashi’s body began to shiver and her heart started pumping boom boom, boom.She stood up and whispered to herself “Come on Tashi, be strong, you can do it.” They passed through the crumbling ,moss-covered archways,walked through the itchy, dead ivy and strolled down the vast, steep valleys.It was a big adventure! ” I’m exhausted!” Sonam sulked. “Me to,” Tashi added. “Lets take a break.” Tashi and Sonam decided to take a long break, after all they have had a extremely tiring journey. A few hours later, a sudden shriek woke them up abruptly and they realized that they were in the middle of a major sand storm, swirling round and round against there faces itching and scratching them until they got hot red. Ahh! Tashi let out a loud cry, ” my leg it hurts.” “Let me see, it might be broken.” Sonam said in a worrying voice And for sure it was.” We can’t give up now, we’ve came too far.” Dehydration enveloped them and although they thought of giving up,Tashi remembered this was for her mother, however there was no other simple options.

Could this be the end of Tashi’s mother’s life and the medicinal herb?

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3 thoughts on “Tashi and the Medicinal Herb/dilemma

  1. Plomer Joshua

    Well done I like how you put your capital letters In the right place

    Question-did you have any help with the teacher

    Improve-start a new line each time a new character talks

  2. Joshua HarrisShute

    1.Well done princess your story is very exiting!!
    2.Were is all the speech as some of it isn’t there?
    3.Next time make sure you double check your speech as there are some mistakes

  3. Kaliyah

    1. This is a very inspiring piece and I can really feel the emotion and determination.
    2. If you had another chance, what would you do next next time instead of a sandstorm and what would the dilemma be for a sandstorm?
    3. The downside to this piece is that you used short speech you don’t really know they have to say about this, so you need to improve on that.


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