My Herb Story by Lee

Sonam’s idea had seemed to be a good solution however now they had found themselves pushing their feet under the scorching sun regret span around them.

“I’m so grateful I have someone beside me” mumbled Tashi as she slumped in a crack in the road seeking some well needed shade, it seemed to be getting hotter

“Hush child let’s find the medicinal herb that your mother needs” Sonam muttered, dehydration enveloped them and although they thought of giving up Tashi remembered this was for her mother but she had no options. Tashi’s mother could die!


Wondering about the journey ahead the high broken bridge was coming up. Tashi and Sonam went on the bridge they were so horrified Tashi nearly fell “Tashi” Sonam shouted in a scared voice. Suddenly the bridge cracked they ran as fast as lightning. Sonam remembered that she packed-2 golden apples they ate it and they flew they were nearly there.

2 thoughts on “My Herb Story by Lee

  1. Joshua HarrisShute

    1.Well done lee you have used amazing speech in your story!!
    2.Why is there massive gaps between paragraph 3 and 4?
    3.Next time maybe make your paragraphs a bit bigger and exiting.

  2. 17princessesthero

    Hello my name is princess I like your story about the cloud tea monkeys it’s very interesting.
    Question- Did anyone help you with your story?
    Improvement- Next time, make sure you put more punctuation.


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