Fizah’s Herb story

“Hush child lets go and get the medicinal herb that your mother needs to get better But We have to hurry, she’s getting worse … “Sonam told the tea pickers to not to let the overseer know we are disappearing.” There’s no time to be worrying, you’ve got a duty to save your mother “But she’s too young” shrieked the tea pickers “She’s my niece , so I would never let her go alone, I’ll be by her side the whole way.

Initially Sonam’s idea seemed to be the only solution however, now they have found themselves pushing their feet under the scorching sun, regret span around them. “I’m so grateful to have you beside me” murmured Tashi as she slumped in a crack in the road, seeking some well needed shade it seemed to be getting hotter! “We need find the herb your mother needs.” Sonam muttered Dehydration enveloped them though and the thought of giving up Tashi remembered this is for her mother but she had no option,Tashi’s mum could die.!

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2 thoughts on “Fizah’s Herb story

  1. Joshua HarrisShute

    1. Well done Fizah I really like your story and your use of punctuation is great!!
    2. Next time add a bit less speech as it might bore the reader.
    3. Next time maybe add more powerful adjectives.


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