7 thoughts on “Swegways Exploding

  1. Alexander StewardBoorne

    Apparently they will explode if they don’t have a Samsung battery or if they get over charged. ive heard that if they get charged for over 2 hours they will set fire or EXPLODE!!

  2. Alicia TaylorAlicia Taylor

    I think swegways boards are entertainment for all age groups but not many people own one because they’re so expensive or they blow up. The only way they blow up if you put it on charge for too long so the board cant take it when you put pressure on it so it blows up. Many people have incidents on them so they were only allowed on private areas, back gardens and out of sight of other pedestrians on the street. Then when they’re started blowing up it only made the problem even worse so they should not be allowed in school unless you care for it right because it will be bad if it sets a light.Also they are safe unless you treat it wrong like i said previously.

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  3. Alexander StewardBoorne

    Just imagine having one for a a birthday or Christmas present but your mum puts it on charge ready for you but she overcharges it , then when you put it on your lap it suddenly explodes or sets fire. You would know what it was.

  4. Joe and Dan

    We don’t think that they are very safe

    I don’t have one but my friends do and they say because it is made in England it is safe

    Yes you should buy one but get the one from smyths toys


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