Computing, how are you finding programming?

What do you like about it?

What do you not like about it?

What do you find difficult?

What advice would you give someone who is just starting to program?

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9 thoughts on “Computing, how are you finding programming?

  1. Joshua HarrisShute

    I like that in Scratch in you can program as much as you want.

    I don’t like that you need to do a lot of programming to do one simple thing.

    The thing that I find difficult is that you have to find different coordinates.

    The advice I would give is that it takes time to program Scratch to do different things.

  2. Aminur RahmanAminur Rahman

    What I like about programming is exploring different things that I can make my character do. What I don’t like is the amount of instructions you have to do to make your character do one thing. I find the coordinates difficult sometimes. Some advice is to experiment with all the features.

  3. Muhsin Ishaq Hussain

    You can program as much as you want.

    You need to do a lot to make it do a simple thing.

    You have to find all the coordinates

    Play around with the blocks first then you’ll get the hang of what they do.

  4. Alicia TaylorAlicia Taylor

    Im finding it very interesting and kind of cool because you get to choose all of the design and backgrounds .You can have a variety of sprites and all sorts of other kinds of noises and people,animal and all sorts.

  5. Waran Duku

    I think the hard thing was when it does something you don’t want it to do. The thing I liked was when you could edit your character. The thing I didn’t like was when you had to make the instruction.

  6. Lee Maze

    What we like about it is that we program Scratch.
    What we don’t like about it is that we don’t program different computing things
    Not much things are difficult
    Computing is a bit boring bit sometime its quite fun

  7. Derry SteaneDerry Steane

    Caroline Derry

    We both like the bit when we did the ester egg.

    We did not like the part when we tried decorating your character it decorated the background.

    We found the recording difficult.

  8. Alexander StewardBoorne

    I like so much about it as you can change your character, make your character move, colour your character and you can challenge your friends. I also like how it incouriges team work.


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