2 thoughts on “Scratch Computing

  1. Alexis Turner

    Nice to read that you guys are doing well and are amazing. Hi to Mr Lathia and Miss Oakman and too all my friends and the teacher’s. You are doing a wonderful job each day you grow .congrats on improving

    1. Mr Lathia

      Alexis, nice to hear from you. We are currently in free time so we have a moment to reply to your kind email. How is life over there for you? Is there people there still suffering from Ebola? When are you coming back to the UK? What are you currently learning about. Share your maths topics with us and write some questions for our class to answer. Are you happy that your back with your parents? Whats the weather like? is it hot? Have you been on any school trips? Whats the coolest thing youve seen since being back home? Everyone misses you and we hope to hear from you soon. Your old class,


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