19 thoughts on “How has being in years 5 & 6 helped you?

  1. Werner John

    It’s helped me to get a higher level in Learning and it’s in couraged me to aim hight and helped me to have the confidence and stand up infront of the whole school and say my House Captain Speech which I won.

  2. Sascha CameronSascha Cameron

    it has helped me with lots of things ready for year six … I have made new friends and have read lots of new books .. I have improved allot on some of my subjects … I am going to try new things this year in year 6 so I complete more stuff

  3. JimJim

    Year five and six has helped my become more confident since of the house captain elections. I have become more confident in speaking in front of audiences.

  4. Adriano Brown

    Year 5 made me more of who I am and what achievements I have done in year 5 and we had a whole lode of fun on the way.

  5. Alyssa Turner

    Being in year 6 has helped me a lot with my subjects such as my art because of the way we use different techniques like shading, noticing the differences in pictures all things like that. I cant wait to see what i accomplish in the future.

  6. Waran Duku

    I think this helped me to be confident and it helped me get ready for year 6. I have also made improvements in my literacy i want want to improve my understanding in science.

  7. Sarah Aziz

    year 5/6 has helped me because I learned how to make a frame how to do complicated maths problem and the year 6 has made me prepared for the rest of year 6

  8. Caroline Mwangi

    I think that being in year five six is good and sometimes hard because you don’t get what the teacher is trying to explain. The good thing is you sometimes have fun and learn new things and understanding the meanings .

  9. Derry SteaneDerry Steane

    It is really cool because when I can work with a partner shears there ideas with and what I shear my ideas they are never wrong.

  10. Harris

    This is Chelsea Hayley’s sister, when I was in year 5/6 what I enjoyed was the teachers all helped me and I had good friends. I miss manor loads and I wish I could be in year 6 again because it was fun. Mr Lathia and miss Oakman helped me improve at football and now I got into the prospect football team. Thank you
    Chelsea Harris

  11. Adriano Merra

    wow I would’ve thought that I would of never of spoken to an old year six again good to hear of you again Chealsea


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