9 thoughts on “Can you see the two picture the artist is trying to hide? This is Ambiguous Art

  1. Werner John

    The Picture with the skull I could see that the artist is trying to hide the woman looking at her mirror.

  2. Caroline Mwangi

    Isaw lots of diffrent things in the picture like the candle holder isaw two faces and othe wied things.

    Caroline M

  3. Werner John

    On one of the photos I saw that the artist was drew a face and there was a lady and a tree in the background

  4. Sascha CameronSascha Cameron

    in the first one I saw a toad and a rabbit when you tilt your head , the person who made that is very clever to get all of the optical illusions ! the one of the geese flying I saw fish in between them all that was all amazing . your brain in optical illusions plays tricks on you

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    • Sascha Cameron
  5. CJ Benoiton

    That is an amazing video, I wonder how long the artist took
    to do all of those pictures.
    That is an amazing piece of art!!


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