Alyssa’s word problems

if I were to buy a small Hawaiian, 2 Margheritas and a bottle of coke.How much change would I get from £50.95



MargheritaTuna sweetcorn melt

Create your own pizza


Small= £8.49 (6 slice) Medium= £10.49 (8 slice) Large= £12.49 (10 slice)

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3 thoughts on “Alyssa’s word problems

  1. Werner John

    You would have to do £50.95 – £8.49 a method you can use to work this out Colum Subtraction. Once you’ve done that your answer should equal £42.46 then you take away £2.29 from £42.46 and your answer should be get £39.97

  2. Werner John

    Sorry you will have £42.46 then take away 8.49 again and you should get £33.97. Now use again Colum Subtraction remember to line up the decimal place. do £33.97 take away £8.49 you should get £25.48 now just do £25.48 – £2.29 and your final answer is £23.19.


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